Build My Health With Simply Digestible Food

Our intestinal tract is a noteworthy bit of work. On the off chance that this snaked solid tube was to be extended from end to end, beginning from the mouth the distance to the butt, it would quantify around 30 feet. The numerous capacities that go on each time we eat something is really stunning, complex and can be distressing and hard on our body. That is the reason at whatever time we can eat effectively absorbable nourishment we’re doing ourselves a major support.

A good general rule you can use to quickly figure out what can go on your list of easily digestible food is this:

  1. Highly processed foods are hard on the body, and are slow to digest.
  2. Most foods in their natural state are good for the body and are easy to digest.

We say “most” natural foods because there are a few that, even though they have many nutritional benefits and are very good for you, are a little harder for your body to digest. These foods include raw broccoli, raw cabbage and beans. The good news is most of us don’t eat broccoli and cabbage raw, but if and when you do, they can be harder on the digestion system than other healthy vegetables.

Beans are one of the most nutritional foods we can eat, but there is a specific enzyme called alpha-glactosidase that is needed for proper break down of beans. If our body doesn’t have enough of this particular enzyme it could be trouble.

Highly processed foods are harder to digest

Almost all the food we buy at the store has been processed in one way or another, some much more than others. Even cereal you might think is all-natural rarely isn’t. Marketers spend a lot of money to make their products appealing. The problem with most of them is that, besides actually been made of a good source of grain like oatmeal, bran or whatever, they still load them up with sugar.

Refined sugar plays havoc not only on our digestion system but many other functions of the body. The other problem substance in processed foods is fat. This is not the healthy, natural fat from fish and avocados, but unhealthy animal fats that make us gain unhealthy weight and clog up our arteries.

Fries, or anything that has been battered and then deep fried in oil can be included in this list of hard to digest foods.

So try and keep your diet as natural as you can. Even the harder to digest foods will get through OK if you are stocking up on your digestive enzymes, fiber and cutting way back on refined sugars. These things, along with adding more easily digestible food to your diet can have a big impact on your total health and give you a better balanced digestive system.

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